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About Port Arthur, Texas
While not a town in Louisiana, Port Arthur, Texas still has the sea in its spirit. This Texas city is one of the largest along the Gulf Coast area. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to transform Port Arthur into the city it is today. The amazing atmosphere and environment in the city make all of those struggles worth it. Nissan of Lake Charles is proud to serve the community of Port Arthur and its unique viewpoint of Louisiana.

Over the years, many attempts to establish a city in the area Port Arthur, Texas now resides in were unsuccessfully for a long time. Hurricanes and historical events like the Civil War thwarted previous endeavors. However, from the remnants of these failed establishments, Port Arthur was finally born, into a resilient and determined town that we know today.
"Port Scene." by Sewtex at English Wikipedia - Photo by Sewtex. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -
Arthur Stilwell, a railroad pioneer, established Port Arthur in 1895. By the turn of the century, Port Arthur was on its way to success. By 1899, a working ship port was in operation. More success came to the Port Arthur after the discovery of oil in the area. What resulted was one of the largest oil operations in the world at the time, with Port Arthur at the center of it.

Port Arthur’s proximity to Louisiana helps it carry some of that Cajun Culture to the area. Much of the food, music, and entertainment you can find throughout the Big Easy can be found in Port Arthur as well. Despite some of the Cajun influences from Louisiana, Port Arthur maintains its own culture and identity. The city still embodies the spirit of Texas.
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Janis Joplin, a famous singer-songwriter in the late 1960's, was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. ​ 
There are plenty of things to do in Port Arthur. From visiting the beaches on a beautiful summer day to museums celebrating the Gulf Coast area, Port Arthur’s past still plays a role in the cities culture today and far into the future.

We are proud to serve the city of Port Arthur, Texas and consider it one of the places rich in the culture and diversity we find in all our nearby Louisiana towns.   We also appreciate the diversity that being part of Texas brings to the city and are excited to learn more about the culture from here.   If you are from Port Arthur or another nearby Texan town, stop by Nissan of Lake Charles, your local Nissan dealer, today and tell us more about your hometown!
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