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The Red Thumb Movement - Nissan of Lake Charles

Nissan's Red Thumb Movement

On average, 1.3 million car accidents in the US involve drivers that were distracted by their cell phones. About 500,000 of these result in injuries, and more than 6,000 cause deaths. Simply putting your phone down when you’re driving might just save your life.

The Nissan Red Thumb Movement is dedicated to getting drivers to put their phones down. By taking the pledge and coloring your thumb red, you can make a stand against irresponsible driving habits. No matter how important that email might seem, what that text says, or who is calling you, nothing is worth your life. 

How can you get involved? Join over 43,000 people who’ve taken the pledge and shared their stories via Facebook and Twitter. You can post pictures, comment, or like posts on Facebook, or you can tell other drivers why you whose to participate by using the #RedThumb. 

The Red Thumb Reminder started with Steve Babcock, a driver concerned for his family. By adopting the way his daughter gave herself daily reminders, Babcock came up with the Red Thumb idea. “As silly as it sounds, it totally worked,” said Babcock. Using anything from string, rubber bands, and even finger nail polish, drivers everywhere are staying safe. Even stars like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are part of the movement.

Does the Red Thumb really work? A simple cue like the color red is enough to get your attention and prevent you from falling into bad habits. It takes less than 5 seconds of visual distractions at highway speeds to travel 100 yards (the length of a football field) without paying attention. In most cars, that could be the difference between a close call and a fatal accident. Don’t wait another moment – get involved with the Red Thumb Movement.

Here at Nissan of Lake Charles, we want to help promote the Red Thumb Movement and get the word out there. If we can convince one person to stop using their phone while driving, then we consider this a victory! 

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