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Buying A Pre-Owned Car - Nissan of Lake Charles
Buying a used car can have a big financial benefit; however, there can be some fear involved when buying used as well. You may not always know everything about a used car's previous owner. Thus, we have created an outline for you to help you organize your used car buying process into three parts and explain what steps to take during each process.
Before going to the dealership:
There are a few simple, but important steps that need to be taken before going to buy a used car. This is perhaps the most important part of the used car buying process because it allows you to have all the information you need to decide which vehicle you want, and which ones you do not.

Create a spending limit:

If you have decided that you want to buy a used car, the very first step to take is to determine how much you are willing to spend on your vehicle. This will eliminate models that are out of your price range and help you to narrow your search before you even begin looking at vehicles. Click here to help you determine what you can afford.

Find a Car that is Right for you:

Once you have determined your budget, it is time to figure out which vehicle is right for you. In order to find the right used car, you need to determine what you are looking for. It is important to understand what you need out of your vehicle, such as good fuel economy or spacious room for your family. These characteristics are your primary concern when determining the right car for you. In addition to these, there are also some characteristics that you want in your new car, such as the color of the car or additional features.

After deciding what is important to you, you can begin looking for makes and models that fit the needs of your vehicle within the correct price range. When looking for used vehicles, another way to help you decide on a vehicle is searching for Certified Pre-owned Vehicles. For Nissan Models, click here to see what makes a Used Nissan Certified. If you are interested in other makes and models, here’s a list of requirements for other certified pre-owned models.

The last thing to research before going to a dealership is how other people feel about a model. Check out reviews on the model and see how other consumers feel about the vehicle. Once you have your budget, desired models you are looking for, and other consumer’s opinion of your vehicle, you are ready to go to the dealership.

While you are at the dealership:

Once you’ve done all your research, you can come to the dealership and begin looking at the vehicles. At Nissan of Lake Charles, we have our inventory on our website, so you can check to see if we have the used car you are looking for, before coming in. For dealerships that have their inventories online, like us, you can contact the dealer to gain more research about a particular model in stock.

Inspect Vehicle:

Going to pick out your new used vehicle, is perhaps to most exciting, and stressful part of the car buying process. It is important to remember to look at every part of your potential new used car. For an extended checklist of everything to look for on a used vehicle click here. Also, remember to ask questions of your sales representative. For us at Nissan of Lake Charles, we want to make sure your car is perfect for you.

Test Drive:

After inspecting the vehicle, the best part of the car buying process is the test drive. Be sure to drive enough to get a good feel for the vehicle and understand how it will perform for your everyday driving. Some things to look at while driving the vehicle include the engine sound, the brakes, lights on and inside the car, and the comfort of the drive.

Vehicle Specific History:

Once you have determined the vehicle passes all your inspections, it is time to just a little bit more research on the car. The last step to determine if the vehicle is a fit for you is to find out the history of the car itself. There are many ways to find the history of the car. If you pick out a car before going to the dealership, you can use CarFax, but if you are already at the dealer, the sales rep can find the information for you.

After you've picked out your car:

This is the part when you may think that your used car buying process if over, but there are still a few things to think about. Despite going through all the necessary steps to buying a used car, there may be unforeseen circumstances that make your deal not so sweet. It is because of this that we have steps to take after purchasing your used vehicles.


For most car buyers, having a warranty is common sense. However, for a used vehicle, it may be beneficial to invest in some extended warranties to ensure that those unforeseen circumstances do not create financial burdens while you are still paying for your car. Be sure to ask the dealers financial department for information on all warranty options for your vehicle.


The last step in the process of getting a new used vehicle is to simply keep up with all regular maintenance for the vehicle. This can help keep you from paying for more costly repairs in the future. From oil changes to getting inspections to make sure all parts are working properly together, keeping up with the regular maintenance is essential for you to get the most out of your used vehicle.

We hope that this has helped you with your next used car buying experience. Be sure to look through our used inventory at Nissan of Lake Charles for used Nissans and other models!

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